Authentically Italian. Professionally Preferred.

Since 1882, Galbani® has been committed to providing the highest quality Italian artisanal cheeses available, from fresh mozzarella to the finest specialty cheeses.

It's this standard of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality that has made Galbani Italy’s #1 cheese brand. And has made our foodservice cheeses the #1 choice of professional chefs worldwide. Click on each of our cheeses for detailed product information.

Premium Mozzarella
The classic staple that is essential to every Italian kitchen worldwide.

Fresh Mozzarella
Still strictly crafted according to Egidio Galbani’s original secret family recipe.

Premium Mascarpone
This versatile import is the rich, creamy foundation for all traditional Italian desserts.

The traditional blue cheese with an earthy flavor and distinctive aroma.

Bel Paese
A mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese that’s as ideal for cooking as it is for snacking.